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Fraud, corruption, illegal transactions and industrial espionage not only damages the reputation of your company, but also results in considerable financial loss and competitive disadvantage.

Every year there are losses of over three billion euro from industrial espionage, originating in Austrian businesses. This corruption causes economic losses amounting to 26 billion €. Due to this internal fraud, (half of the fraud originating from their own businesses) Austrian companies lose an annual 2.5 to 3 billion €.

In Eastern Europe, approximately 20% of the local businesses are victims of white collar crime. As a result, the financial loss averages almost 2% of their annual turnover.

White collar crimes are being checked more now as ever before. Internal fraud is being criminally prosecuted as Non Compliance and is being more and more often publically exposed.

We therefore recommend businesses to have a distinct and clear strategy to fight against this. Each fraud, corruption or case of espionage should be thoroughly internally analyzed and cleared. In order to fight economic fraud proactively, effective preventive measures are necessary, which comprehensively protects your long run business interests.

Take advantage of our professional services and protect your business against criminal penalties, financial loss and reputation damage. With our available professional services, our experts are specialized in white collar crimes. We find effective solutions to risk prevention and the investigation of crimes in your businesses. The results of our investigation process are protected and treated with the utmost of discretion always remaining in your control and maintaining the highest confidentiality standards.

Upsell AG supports you in the prevention and investigation of a legal offense